Frieder_JungFrieder Jung,

CEO & Presidente

Mr. Jung specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of Information Systems (IS) products and has over 30 years of experience in this area.

Mr. Jung Graduated in Business Administration and Computer Science and began his career founding his own company, Jung Systeme GMBH, Karlsbad, Germany, back in 1971. After 5 years of continuous success his company was acquired by the Hewlett-Packard Company to form the nucleus of HP German ​​R&D for commercial applications.   While at HP, Mr. Jung was the manager of Research and Development, and worked on implementing strategies to compete with IBM PC’s by offering superior technology, better price/performance ratios and better software.  Mr. Jung also led the development of software solutions for finance, manufacturing and sales, and launched HP’s first venture into translating software​​.

In 1991, Mr. Jung was contracted, with success, to turnaround Methodus Software, Porto Alegre, Brazil; a $3MM company that was struggling to produce a profit despite considerable capital infusions.  

Mr. Jung also founded Jung Systems Company, that built up an important distribution center of HP in Latin America (now Cocreate/ PTC). Subsequently, Mr. Jung built SolidWorks’ distribution channels for South America from the ground up.

In 2004 Mr. Jung launched Cim-Team Latin America, a provider of software engineering for the growing market in Brazil, where he is currently the CEO.  Under his direction the company has grown over 50% year-over-year since its founding.

Frieder speaks 4 languages ​​and was born in Germany but has been in Brazil since 1991.


Rafael_CostaRafael Costa,

Technical Manager

Rafael is the General Manager of the Engineering team of Cim-Team.  

He is majoring in Automation and Control Engineering from PUC - RS and here in Cim-Team is responsible, among other functions, for managing the engineering crew.

He leads the team that provides support to all existing Cim-Team customers, such as Fiat, Orteng, Schneider and Alstom.

Rafael started his career at Cim-Team in 2012 as an intern in the Commercial and Technical areas and quickly grew within the company.  Previously, Rafael worked at Near, a company specialized in banking automation, as an intern in the area of ​​Hardware Engineering, where he focused on the development of hardware intelligence for banking systems.

Before starting his career in Engineering, Rafael also built a remarkable career in swimming. He beat the State of Rio Grande do Sul’s record of backstroke swimming in 50 and 100 meters, and represent the country of Brazil in the Swimming World Cup twice.

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