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Get our experts to make suggestions about your design process. FREE of charge

E3 - you know - has a lot of really cool features that can help you make your engineering design process more efficient by:

  • Eliminating errors
  • Improving quality

and you know that every project that you do without an intelligent design tool, costs your company money.


  • Will E3 actually work for your specific process?  
  • Will it integrate with the tools or systems you already use?
  • Will you and your team see a positive return in your investment?

Get one of our experts to run an assessment that will tell you all these things, plus get specific advice you can take home immediately, completely free of charge.


There is no catch.  Each one of these assessment takes us about 3 hours of our time to prepare, and it will take you also about 1 hour of your time in total.
But what you will learn out of it may change the way your company runs Electrical Design for good.



After our call you’ll be able to:

A) Point out exactly what are the weaknesses in your design process + advice to mitigate them. This may include:

  • Designing
  • Reporting
  • Error prevention vs. quality checking
  • Bill of Materials Generation
  • Hardware equipment
  • Integration
  • Customization

B) Determine how E3 could integrate with the systems you have in place (ERPs, Mechanical, AutoCAD)

C) Assess the feasibility of E3 for you

D) Given your specific team what could be the ROI of investing in a better design tool




 So that our meeting is productive for both of us, you’ll need to do just a little bit of homework:

A) Fill an assessment questionnaire (20 minutes).

B) Read and distribute to your team 2 ebooks:

  • 20 Most common mistakes in Electrical design and how to solve them
  • How to Measure the ROI of Better Engineering Design



One or our experts will be in touch with you to make our calendars work.
We look forward to chatting with you.

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We will get back in touch with you within 24 hours to setup a time that's convenient for both of us. 

This is not a sales call.  Our focus will be exclusively on assessing how E3 could work for your specific design process.  Click here to contact sales.

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